Aeration membrane

  The company KUBÍČEK VHS supplies aeration membrane of own production for more than 18 years.

  Among the undisputed advantages of the FB 102 aeration membranes that are provided by KUBÍČEK VHS, is the long service life – up to 12 years.

  The material used for production of the membrane is permanently elastic polyurethane, resistant to hydrolysis, many chemical compounds and microorganism’s effect. Length of each diffuser may be up to 30 meters, without having a major impact on the even distribution of bubbles throughout the diffuser.

Our company has supplied more than 600 000 meters of aeration membrane.


  • Aeration of municipal WWTP tanks.
  • Galvanic tanks mixing.
  • Aeration of fish breeding tanks and ponds.
  • Cleaning of bio-filters.
  • Pneumatic flotation – separation of physically and chemically different materials.

Main advantages

  • Even and constant generation of fine bubbles throughout the whole length of aeration diffuser (up to 30m)
  • No clogging of aeration membrane and no reflux of liquid when operation is temporarily disrupted.
  • The membrane allows automated condensate drainage from aeration system.
  • Minimum pressure loss (3 – 5 kPa, depending on system air-flow rate and age of membranes)
  • Great oxygen transfer
  • Unique shape and size of perforation
  • Long service life
  • Low purchase costs and easy installation


  • O2 recovery factor at standard conditions (E+) 3 – 5 kgO2/kWh
  • Percent of oxygen transfer efficiency at standard conditions per meter of diffuser immersion (Ea) up to 8,5 %/m
  • Pressure loss of aeration diffusers depending on system air-flow rate and age of membranes (Δp) 2,5 – 4 kPa
  • Recommended flow per 1 m of diffuser / hour (QL) 2 – 5 m3/m.h
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