Blower room ventilation calculation

A simple help for blower room ventilation design. It will help you verify the correctness of the designed fans for forced ventilation and the minimum size of the ventilation grilles for the supply of fresh air for your blowers.

Blower type
Number of blowers in operation

Values for one unit

Suction volume flow Q1 m3/h
Pipeline length in the machine room l m
Pipe diameter behind the blower d m
External suction
Maximum required blower room temperature Ts max °C
Ambient air temperature Ta °C
Air temperature at the outlet of the blower T2 °C
Installed power of electric motor P1 kW
Blower shaft power P2 kW
Electric motor efficiency E

Blower type Fill in the sample values

Resulting values for 1 unit

Engine power dissipation Pm kW Required amount of fan cooling air Qv m3/h
Power radiated by the blower Pd kW Required amount of air supplied to engine room with suction grille Qa m3/h
Power radiated by piping Po kW Engine room intake grille area S m2
Power radiated by accessories Pp kW The length of the side of the engine room grille square m
Heating output Pv kW

Resulting values for 1 unit

Total heating power Pv total kW
Total fan power Qv total m3/h
The length of the side of the square of the common suction grid m

The calculation of the engine room ventilation is for information only

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