Service department offer

  • Warranty service of KUBÍČEK blowers
  • Post-warranty service of all types of ROOTs blowers
  • Deflagration flame arresters service
  • Overhaul of tubular aeration systems – replacement of aeration membranes
  • Repairs of all types of ROOTs blowers – eg KUBÍČEK, LuToS, Aerzen, Hibon, Kaeser, GKRV, Robuschi, MIVALT (MPVB, KTB), AIR PUMP, BUSCH, HV TURBO, WILHELM KLEIN, KV STEEL, Vacuum Bohemia, Holmes Dresser, Tuthill , HICKHARGRAVES, WIELAND,…
  • Lamellar and other blowers and vacuum pumps: BECKER, EFFEPIZETA, MAPRO; VIVALT, GardenDenver, ELMO,…
  • Sales of original spare parts and accessories (Spare parts catalog)

Warranty service of KUBÍČEK blowers / post-warranty service of all types of blowers

  • Oil filling – inspection, replacement
  • Intake filter – inspection, cleaning, replacement
  • V-belts, clutches – inspection, adjustment, replacement
  • Concentricity of gears – control, adjustment
  • Check valve – check
  • Start-up valve – inspection, adjustment
  • Safety valve – inspection, adjustment
  • Screw connections – inspection
  • Blower workspace – inspection
  • Rotors (clearance) – control
  • Unit functions – control
  • System pressure – check
  • Manometer functions – check
  • Vibration diagnostics of bearings and gears – measurement

Deflagration flame arrester service

  • Seal replacement
  • Arrester cleaning
  • Function check
  • Cartridge replacement

Overhaul of tubular aeration systems - replacement of aeration membranes

  • A preliminary price offer is created in advance for each replacement of aeration membranes
  • When replacing, quality membranes with a long tradition of production are used.

Repairs of all types of ROOTs blowers

  • A preliminary offer is prepared on request for each repair of a blower of any type. After disassembly and ascertainment of the actual condition of the blower, an accurate and final price offer is prepared, including transport and installation.
  • We are able to produce spare parts for all types of blowers ourselves, which is an advantage especially for blowers whose serial production has already been completed and original parts cannot be purchased.
  • In the event that the blower is unrepairable, we will offer an alternative from our own production, including intermediate flanges and other connecting elements needed to fit the KUBÍČEK  bare shaft unit on the original chassis of the blower unit.

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