Use of oxygen under standard conditions per meter of element immersion

(Ea) up to 8,5 %/m

Pressure loss

(Δp) 4 – 6 kPa

Recommended flow

(QL) 2,5 – 5 m3/m.h

Main advantages

  • Even and constant formation of fine bubbles along the entire length of the aeration element
  • The membrane allows automatic drainage of condensate from the aeration system
  • High value of oxygen transfer
  • Unique shape and size of the perforation
  • Long life
  • Low acquisition costs and easy installation
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The most common use

  • Aeration of tanks at municipal WWTPs
  • Galvanic bath mixing
  • Aeration of fish tanks
  • Cleaning of bio-filters
  • Pneumatic flotation – separation of physically and chemically diverse substances

Frequently asked questions

How much does the membrane cost?

Contact our sales department for inquiry. The price will be offered based on the requested quantity according to the valid price list.

Do you have a membrane in stock?

Yes. Due to the high demand, the FB-102N membrane is kept in stock in a minimum quantity of several thousand meters and we ship at least 20,000 m per year.
Other membranes are on request.

Do you have a question? Write us

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