According to ČSN EN ISO 16852, the FB series arresters is defined as:

Deflagration – prevents the transmission of a flame spreading at subsonic speed – deflagration.

Bidirectional – stops the flame from both sides.

Pipe – arrester equipped with two flanges for connection to the pipe on each side of the fuse insert.

For short-term burning – for burning a flame stabilized at or near the arrester link for a specified time.

With built-in temperature sensor – for indication of stabilized combustion.


The deflagration flame arrester consists of an extinguishing insert (hereinafter only the insert) and two half-bodies of the casing (DN = 25 – 300), between which the insert is clamped.

  • Two half-bodies with standard flange size PN16
  • Stainless steel extinguishing insert
  • Temperature sensors
FB Deflagration flame arresters | Kubíček VHS

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