Pipe silencers

  Pipe silencers can be used in cases where there are higher demands on low noise environment. They are suitable for use in low / medium pressure pipelines with air speeds up to 20 m/s. Pipe silencers manufactured by KUBÍČEK VHS are absorption  construction. Using the silencers can suppress annoying sound resonance, that is to change the frequency and level of noise emitted by pipeline to the area. Offered in two versions, as well as with enlargement element for absorbent material or as a simple insert that is installed directly into pipeline (suitable for large pipe diameters / depending on medium speed and pipeline pressure loss).


  • Noise reductionatblower unit discharge
  • Changing the frequency and reduction of noise emitted by pipeline.

Main advantages

  • Simple design
  • Easyandfast installation
  • For standard pipeline sizes DN 50 to 500
  • The absorber material is not loosing over time
  • The lenght of silencer / insert can be adjusted according to the possibilities on site after consultation  .
  • Long service life

Connection variant:

  • by flange

  • with rubber compensator with / without metal sheath

  • by welding

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