Heat exchanger AW

  Based on experience with the design and production of special blower units  for various industrial applications, KUBÍČEK VHS produce also AW (air - water) pipe heat exchangers.

  Heat exchangers are designed for direct heat exchange between the air / gas and liquid. They are installed on input or output of devices (blower units).

  The exchanger consists of housing and two fronts for input and output of air / gas. The housing of exchanger and the inner pipes are made of stainless or carbon steel. Inputs and outputs of liquid / water are placed on the exchanger housing.

Counterflow connection is used for higher performance.


  • Cooling of inlet air / gas
  • Domestic water heating
  • Hot water for heating of the engine room

Main advantages

  • Simple design
  • Unattended equipment
  • For standard pipeline sizes DN 25 to 300
  • G 3/4 "- 2" connection dimensions for water inlet and outlet
  • Long service life
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