Deflagration flame arresters

  Deflagration flame arrester of FB series has been designed to protect technological equipment used to store, distribute, exhaust, transport, compress or make some other processing of flamable and explosive gases or mixtures of relevant explosivness group.

  Flame arrester application is limited by maximum operating pressure and operating temperature range, for which the flame arrester was tested.

  Flame arresters are certified  according to DIN EN ISO 16852 for max pressure of 120 kPa (abs.) and temperature range from -20 to +60 °C.

According to DIN EN ISO 16852 the flame arrester FB has been defined as:

Deflagration type - prevents from transfer of flame that spreads with subsonic speed

Two-way - stops the flame from both sides

Pipeline type - flame arrester fitted with two flanges for connection to piping on each side

For short time burning - for stabilized flame burning at / or near flame arrester element for fixed period of time

With integrated temperature sensor - for indication of stabilized burning

Scope of delivery

Deflagration arrester consists of quenching element clamped in between two half-bodies (DN = 25 - 300).

  • Two half-bodies with standart flange connection PN16
  • Quenching element from stainless steel
  • Temperature sensor
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