Agricultural applications

   Our own design department is involved not only in development of standard units for use at WWTPs but also in designing units for special applications used in agriculture. Thanks to that was created a unique solution of vacuum units with preinlet cooling  for use in milking lines. It is a clear example of custom designed units.

  KUBÍ?EK VHS ROOTs blowers are designed as non-contact and does not require lubricateion of the working space. Therefore, the transported medium can not be contaminated with oil.

  Materials of products also ensure the health of transported medium and therefore these units are suitable for widespread use in agriculture and food industry.

(Certificate from National institute of public health - SZÚ)


  • Special units for milking lines – vacuum with pre-inlet cooling
  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk feed mixtures
  • Aeration of fish breeding tanks
  • Transport of drying and blowing air in technology
  • In combination with heat exchanger as a source of hot water

Main advanteges

  Customized solutions for the required technology and customer requirements in combination with all the advantages of standard units ensures satisfaction on both sides and seamless operation.

  • Low operating costs
  • User friendly design
  • Minimum built up area
  • Low noise
  • No need of using additional ventilator for cooling of acoustic cover
  • Long service life
  • Extra fast customer service

Scope of delivery (may change according to technical design)

  • ROOTs blower
  • Unit frame
  • Flexible pads
  • Inlet silencer with filter
  • Discharge silencer
  • Safety or integrated safety and start-up valve
  • Backflow valve
  • Flexible connection on outlet
  • Electromotor
  • V-belt drive with protective cover
  • Oil filling
  • Anchoring material

Optional equipment

  • Acoustic cover for indoor and outdoor environment, including suction and discharge gauge


  • Working pressure
ΔP = 0 - 100 kPa rel. (overpressure)
ΔP = 0 to -80 kPa rel. (vacuum)
  • Volumetric flow rate
Q = 20 - 20 000 m3/ hod
  • Motor power
P1 = 0,25 - 500 kW
  • Discharge connection
DN = 50 - 500
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