19. June 2020

Small WWTP project in Tulum (Mexico)


Delivery of 4 sets with stainless steel covers, for a WWTP belonging to a residential building in a very interesting tourist locality of Tulum in Mexico.

The treatment plant is dimensioned as a double line with a capacity of 2x 45 m3 of wastewater / day.

Unit 3D19S-050E (1.1 kW) with an output of 0.96 m3 / min at an overpressure of 35 kPa, working as a set of 2x 1 + 1.

This is the second smallest model of the ROOTs blower in our company's offer, which is (together with its smaller brother 3D19T) suitable for similarly large applications, where it perfectly replaces side channel blowers. Compared to them, this small ROOTs have high efficiency and therefore low operating costs.


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