5. March 2019

Delivery of two 3D100C-500K units


In the beginning of 2019, we finished delivery of the two largest standard KUBÍČEK units type 3D100C-500K, 500 kW / 6000V and two heat exchangers AW 1490/300.


Operating parameters of each unit:

  • Q = 310 m3 / min
  • dP = 60 kPa


The blower is driven via the clutch.

Engine 500 kW / 6000V (Manufacturer RusElprom)

Units are equipped with MAR (supplied by ELZACO Šumperk)

Units are fitted with a set of sensors.


Operational tests were conducted at Sigma Lutín's testing facility.

Units were delivered as part of the industrial technology for the customer in Russia.

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