Dear friends,

  when I decided to take on the "adrenaline sport" of private enterprise in 1989, my reasons were to be my own employer, to savour the fruits of my own work, and to be responsible for my business. Being an engineer, I was considering many ways and manners of how and in which field I wanted to make a difference. Therefore, I analyzed the possibilities of the Czech market at the time. This brought me to the decision to focus on the production of blower units, which also work towards a better environment.

  I believe that my decision was good, regardless of the “teething pains" our company had to experience in the early years of its existence. Thanks to the excellent support from my colleagues, we managed to overcome them. Today I can say that we have succeeded in putting our historic vision into reality.

  Apart from our company becoming a prosperous, important and respected supplier and manufacturer of blowers of either traditional or special, demanding design, we have been able to employ more than one hundred people. My business activities also allow me to support the development of the region where our company operates, a place which I hold dear. This is also the reason why we have been trying to support certain cultural and sports programs, and to provide financing for some of the local non-profit organizations.

  Thinking about the future of our company, I can see work in demanding projects and employing clever, able professionals who are willing to meet my commitment to work, employing all their talents and skills to meet even the most demanding needs of our clients.

Ing. Karel Kubíček

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