Blower room ventilation calculator

Blower room
Blower type Maximum required blower room temperature Ts max °C
Number of blowers in operation The open space air temperature Ta °C
Volumetric flow on suction side Q1 m3/h Air temperature at the outlet of the blower T2 °C
Length of pipe in the blower room l m Power of the electric motor P1 kW
Diameter of pipe behind the blower d m Power input at the blower shaft P2 kW
External suction
Efficiency of the electric motor E
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Power dissipation of the motor Pm kW Required amount of cooling air from fan Qv m3/h
Power radiated by the blower Pd kW Required amount of air introduced into the engine room by the air intake grille Qa m3/h
Power radiated by the pipeline Po kW Area of the air intake grille S m2
Power radiated by the accessories Pp kW Side of a square of the air intake grille m
Warming power Pv kW
Overall warming power Pv total kW
Overall fan power Qv total m3/h
Side of a square of the common air intake grille m

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