25. června 2019

High Vacuum / 5 stage ROOTs blower unit

The presented reference was realised by KUBIČEK VHS as the main supplier of the investment project, including the delivery of the vacuum pump itself, the design, electro / MaR part and pipeline work.

The aim of the investment project was to change / replace the current obsolete vacuum pump in Irganox production, which will ensure a minimum media (vapor) extraction of 250 m3/h, at vacuum of 0.1 - 1 kPa abs. (with guaranteed 0.3 kPa abs.) Unit to be resistant to temperature of minimum 40 ° C as well as against organic solvents.

The transported medium / gases contains predominantly C12 triisobutylene, C16 tetraisobutylene.

Our proposed solution = blower unit with ROOTs system in 5 levels under the designation 3VPA45B-28CCBB-100-050HVK.

Two blower stages of the machine are with preinlet cooling system because of possible overheating risk. KUBÍČEK produced also heat exchangers in classic pipe design with gas / air media.

All 5 blower stages are driven by a common electric motor with a maximum power of 15 kW, controlled by a VSD.

For safe operation of the unit, the shielding gas (nitrogen / N2) and the flushing medium (toluene) are retained.

The vacuum unit is located in the stainless steel acoustic enclosure.

Implementation with commissioning of the pump took place in May 2019. During the individual and guarantee tests, the tender conditions were met.

KUBICEK company proved again that field of ROOTs blowers can be moved one step further! Thanks to this application, Kubíček It is able to offer / produce vacuum units with high vacuum guarantee, ie up to 100 Pa abs.

Operating conditions:

  • Intake Qmax: 250 m3 / h
  • Discharge pressure pmax: 130 kPa abs.
  • Suction pressure p0: 0.1 - 1 kPa abs.
  • Pressure difference dp: 130 kPa
  • Suction temperature t1: + 40 ° C
  • Discharge temperature t5: + 60 ° C
  • Power motor: 15 kW
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